Dine Out Nights

Patio dining at Lulu’s in August. #EatGreenSTL

Dine Out Nights are how you can show support for the businesses that share your values by doing something we all love – breaking bread with friends and family.

By directing our dining dollars toward green-certified restaurants, the GDA brings people together to say: “Thank you for doing what you do for sustainability!”

This is not a formal event. Just have dinner or drinks with your loved ones as you normally would – but do it knowing that you’re making a difference, by actively supporting St. Louis’ alternative local economy. Because you #EatGreenSTL as a part of the #EatGreenMovement!

Note that GDA restaurants vary greatly in size, menu items, and pricing. We try to feature widely accessible establishments, but if your party has specific considerations, call the restaurant for details.

GDA crowd at 5 Star Burgers Dine Out in Kirkwood

Upcoming Dine Out Nights:

GDA is having a GOOD problem: too many restaurants to choose from for the Dine Out nights. We are undergoing a change to this monthly promotion. Check back for more details. In the meantime, continue showing your love for Green Dining Alliance member restaurants and share your experience on Social Media: #EatGreenSTL.

 About Dine Out Nights

Every first or second Thursday of the month, we call on all St. Louis foodies to join the Green Dining Alliance at a featured GDA-certified restaurant for a Dine Out Night.

In the “buycott” spirit, offer your business and good company to GDA restaurants – certified GDA members know we care that they’re doing the right thing.

Diners enjoyed beautiful weather at July 2014's dine out at Onesto.

Diners enjoyed beautiful weather at July 2014’s dine out at Onesto.

Dine Out Nights are a great way to:


  1. support local restaurants, breweries, bakers, coffee roasters and farmers.

  2. make a difference through everyday actions.

  3. “put your money where your mouth is” by supporting local, green businesses.

  4. start a new tradition with your friends, family, or coworkers – trying a different GDA-certified restaurant every month.

  5. explore new neighborhoods and flavors of St. Louis.

  6. meet up with like-minded folks who love St. Louis, the environment, and good food.

But remember, any time you dine at a GDA-certified location, tell them that you support their commitment to sustainability!

Connect on social media by tagging the restaurant and using the hashtag #EatGreenSTL.

Vegetarians, meat-lovers, vegans, and beer drinkers unite!

Vegetarians, meat-lovers, vegans, and beer-drinkers unite at Schlafly Bottleworks