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Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm.

It's about doing more good.


Welcome Our Second Green Dining District!

The Green Dining Alliance is thrilled to announce our newest Green Dining District in The Loop! Green Dining Districts are commercial

A Multitude of Choices: The GDA Hits 100!

There are infinite choices for diners in Saint Louis - discerning what restaurant to visit can be a challenge. Luckily

More Stylin’ than Sporks: GDA Bamboo Cutlery

Did you know that plastic cutlery is never recyclable, even if it has a recycling symbol on it? The thin,


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Whether in the Central West End, The Loop, Benton Park, or downtown, Green Dining Alliance offers sustainable, certified options that are committed to doing good for our community. Looking for cocktails or a coursed meal? GDA is ready to cater to all your sustainable dining needs.

For more information on GDA certified restaurants click here